The Role of Landing Pages and Micro-Sites in Search Engine Marketing

In the world of search engine marketing, good landing pages can help marketers maximize results and return on investment. These pages are designed to capture potential leads from various keywords and encourage them to take action, whether it be a phone call, form submission or online purchase. Micro sites work in a similar way because they are designed for convenience as succinct versions of full websites. Business people should learn about the benefits that come with the use of landing pages and micro sites.

The Benefits of Using Landing Pages

Good landing pages are typically very relevant to the keyword or ad group that they are associated with. These pages should contain the relevant keywords that people type into search engines to reach them but also be designed in a visually appealing manner to prompt the user to take the desired action on the page.

A landing page can also help your Google Adwords quality score, if the page is relevant to the keyword/ad group and also to the ad text being utilized.

The Value of Micro Sites

Unlike regular-sized websites, micro sites pack less information in smaller amounts of space. That does not mean that micro sites are less valuable, though. In fact, micro sites may be more valuable because they require shorter attention spans.

The reality is that Web visitors do not have long attention spans, so results can be better with brief content that contains the most essential facts that coordinate with a specific marketing channel. Too many sites provide long strings of information that go on for pages and pages. Micro sites get straight to the point and end with a call to action.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and your campaigns should be as well. Tools, tactics and devices are constantly changing and your landing pages and micro sites should as well.

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